Desktop 1.4.7 update notice and installation issue (Win10), and VPN

I'm running the desktop on my work system (Win10). When the VPN is active, I get the notice I don't have Internet connectivity. When I suspend the VPN, the connectivity notice goes away and I get a notice that 1.4.7 update is available. I select the installation option (with restart). This is where things get weird. For it to "update" I need to enter my Admin account and password which is is NOT the same as my daily use account. The installation seems to work fine and Neo4J restarts. However if I shut down Neo4j and restart it, I get the notice again. I'm suspecting it is using the Admin ID for the installation settings.

So, 2 problems: 1) VPN interfering with Internet "availability" in Neo4J (can run stuff locally just fine), and 2) the update not taking using the local Admin account. BTW, I've tried updating from only the Admin account and that doesn't clear the issue. That is how I had to install Neo4j initially (make available to all users).