Designating data path in config not working

Mac OS 10.14.6
Running neo4j from desktop and interacting through neo4j browser.
I want to write data to an external drive. I created a folder called neo4j-data on the external drive. I found the config file for the running database through the desktop interface and changed the data command in the config file to\ mobile\ SSD\ R-Series/neo4j-data
This is the correct path, I navigated to it in the command line interface (bash)
I stopped and started the database in the desktop interface after changing the config file.
I tried creating nodes but the data gets written to the default directory and not the one I specified in the config file.

If you copied that verbatim, note the '#' character at the front makes that line into a comment.

D'oh! Right you are, it is working now. Thanks.