Denis Gallo, Computer Science student from Italy

Hi everyone,

I'm Denis Gallo, 26yo, german Computer Science student living in Italy.

During my master course studies i learnt about graph databases and I really enjoyed working with neo4j, especially for the cypher query language and its syntax.
I'm currently doing my thesis project implementing an algorithm as a procedure in neo4j and I hope to get some advices and/or help from the community. Which forum section should I use for that?

Well, that's it for now.
Have a nice weekend.


Hi Denis,

Great to have you here!

I'd suggest posting over in the Procedures and APOC category: Procedures & APOC - Neo4j Online Community

What algorithm(s) are you working on implementing?

There might also be some interest over here, but it's generally about the existing Neo4j Graph Algorithms library: Graph Algorithms/Graph Data Science - Neo4j Online Community


Hi Ryan,

thank you very much. I can't really talk about it yet since it's an internal project and can't be published until the end of the work. But you can imagine about it as some kind of pattern searching using (and putting together) different algorithms that are already in the graph algorithm library (like shortest weighted path, personalized page rank, k-spanning tree).
I'm having a lot of fun, that's for sure :slight_smile:

we have published the details now: