Delay in acquire connection if idle for 1 hr

If we are making calls to Neo4j server through our java spring boot application after an idle time of 1 hr, the neo4j calls are taking significant time to finish.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Do any read/write operation in neo4j using spring boot application
  2. Wait for 55 minutes( do not perform any read/write operation. Make the system idle)
  3. Try doing read/write operation in neo4j using spring boot application
  4. Operations completes after 15 mits

We are not seeing this issue, if idle time is more than 1hr.

As seen in the logs below thread with id 0xc55afaab, is trying to acquire a connection from pool at 14.19GMT, but the attempt is failed after 15 minutes(14:35 GMT).

Spring boot starter sets max-connection-timeline to 1hr(Neo4j Java Driver Spring Boot Starter - Developer Guides). Connections may be getting inactive due to this configuration. But 15 minutes for failure is too much. Please suggest a solution.

Neo4j Server: neo4j 4.0.0

Spring Boot:

neo4j-java-driver-spring-boot-starter : 4.0.0

Logs from spring boot driver:

2020-02-03T14:19:01.768315 FINEST ConnectionPool - Acquiring a connection from pool towards
2020-02-03T14:19:01.768461 FINEST NettyChannelHealthChecker - Channel [id: 0xc55afaab, L:/ - R:/] has been idle for 3555901 and needs a ping
2020-02-03T14:19:01.768543 FINE OutboundMessageHandler - [0xc55afaab][][bolt-295] C: RESET
2020-02-03T14:19:01.768616 FINEST OutboundMessageHandler - [0xc55afaab][][bolt-295] C: 0002b00f

2020-02-03T14:35:27.707388 WARNING ChannelErrorHandler - [0xc55afaab][][bolt-295] Fatal error occurred in the pipeline
2020-02-03T14:35:27.707503 FINEST NettyChannelHealthChecker - Channel [id: 0xc55afaab, L:/ - R:/] failed ping org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.ServiceUnavailableException: Connection to the database failed
2020-02-03T14:35:27.70771 FINE ChannelErrorHandler - [0xc55afaab][][bolt-295] Closing channel because of a failure ' Operation timed out'
2020-02-03T14:35:27.707807 FINE ChannelErrorHandler - [0xc55afaab][][bolt-295] Channel is inactive