Debugging the exercise

Hi guys, I am a coding newbie, so please be gentle.
I was just wondering if anyone else has found this anomaly in Exercise 7.1. When I execute the recommended query, the cast details for "V for Vendetta" are triplicated.

I think I fixed it by adding DISTINCT to the collect( at the WITH line, but since I've never coded before, please can someone check this is the right fix, and also please can they explain why V is the only movie for which this happens.
Many thanks.

Hello Ian,

You definitely did the right thing in the Cypher to eliminate duplication of the cast members. Other movies, have the same duplicity of cast members such as "Ninja Assassin". The results returned depend on the cast members that also participated in a movie with the same producer.

You are learning Cypher! Congratulations and keep up the good work.


Hi Elaine

Many thanks for the feedback, and so quickly. OK. I feel a little more confident.

Onwards and upwards!

Best wishes