dbms.listQueries does not exist

Hi everyone !
This is my very first post, so greetings from France to all of you !

I have a question regarding the "dbms.listQueries()" function.
It does not exist when I call it on cypher-shell (Neo4j 3.5.3)
I have the following error message :
=> "There is no procedure with the name dbms.listQueries registered for this database instance".

Do I need to install something else to get it ?
How it is possible to display the existing dbms functions available ?

PS :
When I use the ":params" command, nothing happens. Do I have to add something to that keyword ?

Thank you.

Jean-michel, Nemours, FRANCE

It's a feature in Neo4j Enterprise.

Which you can use e.g. in Neo4j Desktop, Sandbox or Neo4j Aura.

Thank you Michael.