David Rader - Technology Management

I advise corporate leaders and boards of directors on the use of technology to execute their competitive strategy. This usually means advice on how much to spend, on what, when and with whom. Every so often this means advice on how a new technology can change the basis of competition in an industry - what can we or others do that could not be done before?

I was introduced to graph databases in 2016 and have built a proof of concept on our church database to help allocate deacons to serving our community. This led to insights into the natural affinity groups that arise within the community as well as connections to schools, sports and activities outside.

I am can show how graph databases allow capabilities that were hard or not possible before. Graph database enables powerful disruptions, and due to ever-expanding networks, bestow first mover advantages.

The analysis power is evident. I will be watching this community for signs of embedding graph databases into transaction and customer service applications. The existing tools focus on analysis, not the user interactions, security and privacy, data validations and processing logic which could all benefit from the application of graph analysis (e.g., embed the fraud detection in account opening - not just detect after the fact).



Welcome David,

sounds really useful for analysing complexity for decision making. The structr team was working on something similar in Germany /cc @Axel_Morgner.
There is also something similar done in the US by a startup for federal agencies