David from Yale (CompBio PhD) CT/NY


My name is David Chang, and I'm currently working on a PhD in computational biology at Yale.
I actually discovered neo4j only a couple of weeks ago, and am excited to learn more.
I'm particularly interested in the application of neo4j and graph deep learning to healthcare data (EHR, omics, etc), and would love to meet others with similar interests.

I'm in Connecticut but go to NYC on a regular basis, so it would also be really nice to have the opportunity to personally meet people from the community.

Please feel free to reach out to say hello!
My email is david.chang@yale.edu

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Hi, David. Iā€™m George. I work in New Haven, too. Maybe we can connect at some point.

Hey, cool stuff, we just had a healthcare graph day i Munich and I'd love to run one on the east coast in the US.

Make sure to check out (there is much more).

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Hi George, that's awesome to hear!
My email is david.chang@yale.edu
Please shoot me an email at any time. I'd love to talk more.

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Thanks a lot, this is all really helpful and I will definitely look more into them.

@alicia.frame he's in computational biology AND visits NYC often!!!! :heart:

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Hi @david.chang! I'm glad you've discovered Neo4J :slight_smile:

I'm Neo4J's data scientist, but my background is mostly in computational biology and chemistry (relational inference and activity predictions on graphs), so I'm always super excited to chat with others interested in applying graphs to these sorts of problems. I'm based in NYC, and I'd love to connect if you're ever in town - feel free to reach out at alicia.frame@neo4j.com

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