DateTime Format

How can I save and retrieve DateTime along with timezone in neo4j while creating a new node?

CREATE (n:Person {name: "John", age: 24, dob: datetime("what should be the format here")});

I am sending the format "2018-12-26T22:10:15.120+05:30" from the client.

Also how to retrieve this DateTime object as a string in any format?

You should be able to do something like this:

CREATE(n:Person {name:"John", age: 24, dob: datetime("2018-12-26T22:10:15.120+05:30")})

That'll create a datetime object in neo4j. To access the values you should be able to something like this:

MATCH(n:Person) WITH n.dob as date RETURN date.year, date.month,, date.hour, date.second

Depending on your usage, in my case the Go driver that I'm using returns it as a time language in Go, the case might be similar for you. If not there is an apoc function.

MATCH(n:Person) WITH n.dob as date RETURN, 's', 'MMM d yyyy') AS dateOfBirth

Thank you so much, that worked for me.

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