Database Replication please help!

Hello everyone :)
I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe! I am new and still learning NEO4j and I've a concern about how to do database replication for NEO4j & AWS(EC2). I couldn't find documents from the web.. any suggestion/advice/documentations/link would be really appreciated.

What's the best practice to replicate NEO4j database? How does NEO4j and AWS(EC2) work for this?
What steps/procedures I need to take for how to database replicate NEO4j database in AWS?

My currently setup is PostgreSQL -> NEO4j -> AWS(EC2)

Thank you for your valuable time in advance,

Petra Lee


This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I used to migrate neo4j db from one cluster (AWS) to another (Azure) by: 1) use Call apoc.export.cypher.all("data.cypher") to export the data into a file, and 2) import the data into the new cluster by "cat data.cypher | cypher-shell -u neo4j ".