Data Source Concept in neo4j

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I need understanding on Data source concept in Neo4j. lets suppose there are five application which is using same data base how we can monitor the database for all application if any of them is creating problem.

Is it possible to allocate different connection pool like relational database.

You can have multiple database user credentials so each application is logging into the database as itself so you can monitor which application might be causing issues. You can also query the execution logs to find poor performing queries and all the regular db monitoring that you'd want to do.

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As per your statement, we can create multiple use to achieve that functionality so can we allocate different connection pool -No of Active, Idle connection, Timeout etc, if yes then how.

For Monitoring point of view in Oracle we can schedule report to get the active/inactive connection count for each data source, can we do it in Neo4j.

Here's the link to the documentation to user management

Then here's the link how to setup monitoring. Personally I use the Prometheus + Grafana stack to collect and alert metics.

I also recommend using the Halin tool to help with monitoring Halin - Neo4j Monitoring Tool - Neo4j Labs

Thanks Mike for the explanation that is helping me to improve knowledge on Neo DB

can we use rollback/commit to. if we want to commit or rollback to savepoint in neo4j database. if yes, then how

Here's the link to the documentation about transactions. The exact implementation differs if you're connecting through a driver vs. HTTP API vs. Java. Neo4j is ACID so your commands are all or nothing if something fails with the statement.

I'm facing issue while accessing both properties of a node.
for example: there is node so called person having name & dob
getting exception while fetching both values either i can get result.single().get(0).asString() or result.single().get(1).asString()
getting the excepton Cannot retrieve a single record, because this result is empty. if im trying to fetch both at a time. please help.