Data science training - part 3 - quiz question 2

Hi - I'm stuck with question 2 in part 3 of the Data Science training.

After trying to work out the answer in the normal way I gave up and resorted to a brute force approach. I have tried EVERY possible combination of answer(s) and all fail - is there maybe a bug here or am I missing the obvious?



Hello @steven.salvini and welcome to the Neo4j community:)

If we check the documentation:

We can see answers 1 and 3 respect the syntax:)



Let us know if you continue to have a problem with your answer to question 2.

Sometimes there is a small lag after you submit the answers as it needs to update one of our internal graphs.

Good luck!

Thanks - much appreciated.

It turns out I had the correct answer originally but for some reason I hit the wrong options at first attempt and from then on for some reason the system marked everything I tried as incorrect.

All working fine again now.


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