Dan O'Donovan - Rare Disease Graphs

Hello All,

I'm a graph db and Neo4j enthusiast currently using graphs to help find cures for rare diseases at healx.io

My main interest is in algorithms, and I really appreciate the alternative perspective and opportunities graph technology provides. I currently use python and Neo4j, though I'd love to find a reason to start writing my own Neo4j plugins.

I try to contribute when I can (I've had a couple of PRs merged into the excellent cycli (a command line client for cypher).


Hi Dan,

not sure if you know but we have a dedicated healthcare page and also had a workshop in Berlin with published proceedings. With quite a lot of participants from the UK. If you ever want to speak about your work at the Neo4j Online Meetup or the London meetup, let us know.

Please let us know if you have concrete questions / requirements for graph algorithms or ML @mark.needham (London) and I are working on that topic.

Perhaps you should ping Nicole again about your PRs. Perhaps we can also ask her to move cycli to neo4j-contrib?

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Thanks Michael - that's very helpful, I will checkout the healthcare page. I'll also get in touch with Nicole about updating and migrating cycli to neo4j-contrib (would there be concerns about duplication with cypher-shell ?).

I've already found this forum helpful - David Allen's post has already inspired me to set up the CloudFormation Neo4j instance I've been meaning too (very straight forward thanks to GitHub - neo4j-contrib/ec2neo: CloudFormation Templates for deploying Neo4j ).


Hey -- glad to hear you found those posts helpful. Don't hesitate to check back in if you need something. One of the benefits of the new community site is that we get to write responses and help people out with things like this, then they get indexed by google, so we're helping others too who won't stumble across these posts for some months. ;)

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