Cypher Style Guide: SET

I was looking over the style guide to see if there were recommendations about spacing.

I noticed in Cypher Style Guide - Developer Guides that ON CREATE SET and ON MATCH SET are indented, but no mention of just plain SET

Down below at Cypher Style Guide - Developer Guides there is a case of an indented SET - does this mean it is recommended to indent SET or is it indented for another reason? Just curious.

I recommend indenting SET as it goes with the previous clause.

For your development, the important point is that you are consistent with your indentation and it sounds like you are aiming for that which is great!


ON MATCH SET and ON CREATE SET can only be associated with a preceding MERGE, so the indentation was likely made because of that.

The ON CREATE SET and ON MATCH SET make sense to me, I am inclined to think SET by itself should not be indented and the link further down the page either did not intend to indent the SET or was indenting it as a sort of "subclause" of the WHERE clause (though this doesn't quite make sense to me). I was just curious what sort of thoughts would come trickling in, thanks for your responses!