Cypher query please help!


I am new to NEO4j and trying to practice Cypher based on my Arrows tool design (Screenshot attached) and having a hard time returning my target output.. How should I query the questions below? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!

  1. Registration per Event. How can I query to see how many Registration node is connected to per Event node? Registration per Event.

  2. How could I query to see the most connected RegistrationDemograph node to Event node?

  3. How many RegistrationDemograph node is connected to Registration node in total.

  4. How to find the average Registration count to RegistrationDemograph?

I have tried for few hours but output is nowhere close to my target output. Please help!!!


Petra Lee

Hiee ,

For your 1 query try this :

return e.evtName,count(r)