Cypher query, breaking down result

i need help with minor adjustment to a code,
i am using path expand to returns paths; the nodes and the relationships connecting them. however, it return the nodes in one column and the relationships in another. i also need to make this process more efficient.

match (n:Movie), (m:Person)
CALL apoc.path.expandConfig(n, {
minLevel: 1,
maxLevel: 4,
uniqueness: "NODE_PATH"
YIELD path
WITH [x in nodes(path) |] AS nodes,
[a in relationships(path) |type(a)] as relationships
return nodes, relationships
RETURNS something like this.
[null,"Joel Silver",null,"Andy Wachowski"] │["PRODUCED","PRODUCED","WROTE"]

You are not using the Person match (m) in this case. The Cartesian product of n and m, will cause each movie node to be identically processed multiple time equal to the number of Person nodes in your database. Removing it from the match should greatly improve performance and reduce the redundant data returned.

What is the format of the output you are looking for?