Cypher MATCH - Nodes and Edges Traversed

I have a relational database and I want to migrate it to Neo4j.

According to BORDOLOI, S .; KALITA, B. ER Model to an Abstract Mathematical Model for Database Schema using Reference Graph. International Journal of Engineering Research And Development, e-ISSN, p. 51 {60, 2013.
I get a modeling with more nodes and edges.

According to VIRGILIO, R. D .; MACCIONI, A .; TORLONE, R. Model-driven design of graph databases. In: Conceptual Modeling. [S.l.]: Springer, 2014. p. 172 {185 I get a lean maix modeling.

I implemented the two views on separate bases with the same data.

In terms of speed of execution the two are equivalent.

I wonder if, when executing a MATCH, I have how to know how many nodes and edges have been traversed?