Cypher clause structure

Is there any document that explains the structure of the Cypher clause, like


With my limited understanding I noticed that "With" to be used after "Match", "Where" after/before "With" etc..

Do we have any documentation around this? Please let me know. It will be helpful.


and also

Thank you dana. It helps.

Also, It will be handy, if this docs link can be easily navigated from the

If it helps, WHERE isn't a standalone clause, it can only follow a MATCH, OPTIONAL MATCH, or WITH clause. So think of it as MATCH WHERE..., WITH WHERE... and OPTIONAL MATCH WHERE..., that will help avoid some confusion when it comes to using a WHERE clause with an OPTIONAL MATCH (where nothing gets filtered out).

thanks Andrew. yes it helps.

also for what its worth, using the Neo4j Browser (i.e. http://localhost:7474) and clicking the left frame and the 3rd icon which has a 'book' image, will link to our available documentation, which includes
Cypher Introduction
Cypher RefCard

Thanks Dana. I got it.