Custom Embedding


I am trying to store my custom embeddings in graph database as a property and the length of the vector is getting truncated to 500 length but my original embedding length is 512 vector.

How are you storing the vector (e.g. property data type?)

I want to store it as a array data type but i was not able to do it directly from csv as it is giving me string data type by default and the vector 512 are getting stored but the problem is mainly i have written like this [row[1], row[2],..... row[512]] but this becomes hectic. So how can add array of floats directly with writing manually array data type

Hello @sravan.neeli267 and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

You cannot store an array as property in Neo4j, you will have to store it as a string if you want keep your array. Can we know the use case and why you decided to store these values as array?


I need to store embeddings of a string for NLP purpose like using universal sentence encoder