Is it possible to convert csv to rdf using neosemantics

I guess you can do it indirectly by building a graph model from the CSV and then exporting it as RDF... :thinking:

LOAD CSV FROM. '<path to your csv file...>'

:GET /rdf/neo4j/describe/... or
:POST /rdf/neo4j/cypher {...}

What's the structure of your CSV and how do you expect the map to a graph to take place?



Given Neosemantics is for interfacing with Neo4j, I think it would make sense to just import the CSV into Neo4j and then export it to RDF ... otherwise the question doesn't really have anything to do with Neo4j. RDF4j itself will export RDF to CSV and probably back, I just don't know if that CSV will work well with Neo4j by default.. I'm guessing it won't.