CRITICAL - AURA - Can not write anymore

Hi there

Neo4j Desktop 1.4.12
Neo4j server version : 4.4.0
Neo4j browser version: 4.4.1

I cannot execute this query :
CALL apoc.periodic.iterate("MATCH (n:Keyword) RETURN n", "DETACH DELETE n", {batchSize:1, parallel:false})

Cluster role: FOLLOWER, is it normal? It's not suppose to be LEADER if I write

I always got one of these error before it happens ( It's not the first time ) :

WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the reason for the failure is not available to this Neo4j Driver. Please use your browsers development console to determine the root cause of the failure. Common reasons include the database being unavailable, using the wrong connection URL or temporary network problems. If you have enabled encryption, ensure your browser is configured to trust the certificate Neo4j is configured to use. WebSocket readyState is: 3

After investigation, I figure out this error actually means there is no more memory for the transaction to complete. dbms.memory.transaction.global_max_size

In this case, there was too much "(:Keyword)<--()" relationships to delete alongside with the Keyword, so the key was the delete in batches the relationships only first and the the Keywords to not overload the transaction memory limitation.

Thought, 2 Go for RAM for 4 Go Storage obviously doesn't quite fit really well together.
dbms.memory.transaction.global_max_size seems way to short for 2Go of RAM available.

The first error is miss leading a lot and make Aura looks like unstable and unreliable.