Creating Relationships between graphs (Fabric, Shard, other?)

Does anyone have any experience, documents they can point me to regarding creating relationships between graphs?

I have the following graphs: Trucks and Cargo. They are separate graphs due to internal policy, so merging into one graph is a no-go.

I need to assign a relationship between a cargo load to a truck. Is there an elegant way to do this with Relationships? Right now, I am using fabric and using the node IDs to make it work.

Hoping there is a barney-level answer out there I just missed.

Looking forward to the responses.

Hey @dthusma ,

You can't create a relationship across databases in Neo4j, so in this case you'll need a reference to the Trucks in the Cargo database or vice versa. It depends on your internal policies I would suggest having a Truck node inside the Cargo database holding only an ID property (eg. a UUID or the vehicle registration number). Then, if you need more information about the truck, you would then query across into the Trucks database using that ID


Dang fine answer, appreciate your response.

And awesome work on Neode!

Have a great weekend