Creating Graph Relationships for multiple instances in a list

I have two dataframes or csv, One contains details about engineers and the other one contains names of individuals(fellow Engineers) these Engineers are following.. I would love to model this in such a way that Every I am able to capture the folowing patter for each individual engineer. The screenshot of the dataframe is below and I don't know what best way to do this.

The second dataframe containing the followers names is below.

Each column in the above dataframe is the name of an Engineer and the row contains names of the followers of these engineers..

I am thinking of Joining the dataframes together and creating a node with a label for engineers but I don't know how to use cypher to specify that each column is a name of an engineer and his followers are the row entry.

Is any of those colums the engineer himself?

in neo4j you can load your first file:

create constraint on (e:Engineer) assert is unique;
create index on (e:name);

using periodic commit 10000
load csv with headers from "https://../top.csv" as row
merge (e:Engineer {}) set e += row;

and then load the followers without headers and connect the engineer to them

using periodic commit 10000
load csv from "https://../followers.csv" as row
match (e:Engineer {name:row[0]})
UNWIND row[1..] as name
merge (e2:Engineer {name:name})
merge (e)-[:FOLLOWS]->(e2);

Yeah in the second image, each column is the Engineer himself and each row entry is a follower of the engineer.

While in the Very First Image, each row represents an Engineer and his details or properties like name bio, blog, url etc.