Create URL to neo4j browser including defined cypher statement


I'd like to create a URL pointing to a neo4j browser including a defined cypher query.

https://<neo4j-instance>:7474/browser&query="match(e) RETURN e LIMIT 10"

How is this possible?

In case it's not possible: What else can be done to share a browsable query result without the need to install additional tools?

Any feedback appreciated!

Yes you can use ?cmd=edit&arg=MATCH (n) RETURN n

Hello @michael.hunger ,

interesting! I'll have closer look.

Three more questions related to the first one:

  1. Is it also possible to tweak such a URL in a way to directly execute the query (without the need to press the "Run" button)?
  2. Is it possible to generate a URL that includes executes the "Connect" to the database?
  3. Any documentation (or source code file) existing regarding this feature(s)?


  1. no for security reasons that's not supported
  2. there is a dbms command line parameter, that you can see here in action
  3. as neo4j-browser is open source you can find the PR's here: Pull requests · neo4j/neo4j-browser · GitHub
    minimal documentation is here:


Hello @michael.hunger,

If I understand correctly, I can "pre-populate" my connection settings like e.g. user but I cannot directly
establish the connection with one URL.

Can a browser session after "Connect" has been clicked be "re-used"? Each time I open a URL like proposed above, I need to press "Connect" again...

In the past we had to fork and patch browser to do things like that.

I suggest adding a feature request to