Create Multiple Database in AWS Cluster

Hi Everyone,

I have a question regarding the neo4j database setup.
i have neo4j installed in my aws cluster and it is running fine there it is using by default database .
i am curious to know about that can we create multiple database there , if yes then how can we do that and how would we use that new database.

Thanks in advance.

It's my understanding that you can run multiple Neo4j databases on the same instance, but they cannot run at the same time. In other words, multiple databases can exist, but they cannot be queried at the same time. I believe you create a new folder, and point the instance at that folder in the config before starting Neo4j. My development machine is on Windows, and I have the option to choose the folder Neo4j is supposed to use when firing up the database server.

I think the overall idea is that if your data is relate-able, then it should all be in the same database. Going to a whiteboard/mind map concept, what would be the relationship between the two databases that you'd want to query it? The line connecting the two databases would be the relationship between the data, and justify having all the data in one Neo4j database.

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply.

as per my understanding , you are saying that i have to point new database folder at below properties in neo4j,conf ?

I've only switched databases in the Windows version, but it looks like you've found the right spot.

Hi, the correct property is the following:


Under graph.db directory there is the whole database and you can have only one active database for a single running instance. Multi-tenancy is implemented through a multi-cluster concept.