Create fabric database , dynamically at runtime

I want to create fabric database every time a new set of data for different org is added, we can do it with defining it into conf file , but we cant do that everytime. Need some way to do it on runtime and without accessing the conf file. I thought of doing it with python but i think thats not a good approach.

Hello @rutulgandhirg and welcome to the Neo4j community!

You're right to observe that setting up Fabric requires editing configuration files. In the long-term Fabric may be how to work with multi-graphs in Neo4j but the near-term roadmap is focused on the necessary foundational work.

Could you explain a bit about your scenario and what you're hoping to achieve? That could reveal current alternatives and also inform the roadmap for Fabric itself.


Yeah ! So the thing is we need to create a new graph daily with new data and that graph is needed to be specified under fabric db configuration in config file, so we can query multiple data base at time. So every time updating neo4j.conf file manually when new graph is created, doesn't follow a good practice . So we are looking for any queries or operations that we can update about new graph under fabric configuration , without
modifying neo4j.conf file manually.


Any info about if dynamic fabric databases will be introduced?
That feature would really help a lot!

Any updates on this? I also have use case where I need to add database at runtime and would be required to configure this in fabric, which I can't do manually in Production. Is there any way we can add newly created database into fabric configuration without editing file directly

Any update ?
Still not possible to add a shard dynamically?