Create Community Nodes

Can nodes for each community (of Louvain/ LPA/ unionFind) and their relationships to individual nodes be created AT RUNTIME instead of assembling all of these after completion of the algorithm version that stores the communities on individual nodes "CALL algo.unionFind ... YIELD"? Is it better to create these community node creation in the stream version of the algorithms "CALL ... YIELD"?

Here's what I am trying to optimize : replace the below set of two queries by one. possible?

// Find weakly connected components
CALL algo.unionFind('alias', 'co_authors', {graph:'huge', seedProperty:'GraphProperty_wcc_coauthors', write:true, writeProperty:'GraphProperty_wcc_coauthors'})
YIELD nodes AS Nodes, setCount AS NbrOfComponents, writeProperty AS PropertyName;

// Create a node for each community and connect each node to its community
CALL apoc.periodic.iterate(
  "MATCH (n:alias)   RETURN n", 
  "WITH n.GraphProperty_wcc_coauthors as component, COLLECT(n) as component_nodes
  WITH component, component_nodes, size(component_nodes) as component_size
  CREATE (comp :GraphProperty_wcc_coauthors {GraphProperty_component : component, GraphProperty_size : component_size})
  WITH comp, component_nodes
  UNWIND component_nodes as component_node
  WITH comp, component_node
  CREATE (comp) <-[:in_WCC_coauthors]- (component_node)", {batchSize:5000})           
YIELD batches, total, errorMessages;