Create a graph model from a json file

I need to create a graph model from a json file. I managed to load it with apoc, but I do not know how to extract its data afterwards. How can I work with dictionaries and lists in cipher? I am surprised that I cannot find any tutorial or guidelines, just some few examples for particular json files, which differ from mines in the structure.
Is there any tutorial about how to extract data from json with cipher?? Not to load it, but to convert it afterwards to a graph model. Somebody could point me to some tutorial or guidelines?
Thanks a lot!!

There is no such thing as a schema or data model without data in the graph. You load data from your JSON files to fit the particular data model you want for the graph.

You might want to take a look at some of these online (free) training courses:
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Thanks a lot. I have done those courses. My problem is more with json format, I guess. Bit I am managing bit by bit :) The UNWIND command is being very useful for example.

APOC library should help you to work with dictionaries and lists.
Checkout the following: - APOC Documentation (
apoc.coll - APOC Documentation (

Would be happy to chat about your use case for Neo4j in Pharma (I am from Pharma (R&D-Development))