Course Lost My Progress (resolved)

I lost one section. Need to make sure I haven't been timed out before answering questions or they will be lost.

Hello @dionergan,

We should not be timing you out when you log in to a course. When did this occur and for which course? We will need to investigate.


The course is "Querying with Cypher in Neo4j 4.x"

I was working on the first chapter "Introduction to Cypher".

I got to "Check your understanding" and successfully answered the questions.

When I clicked on "Using WHERE to Filter Queries" to go to the next chapter I was bounced out. Logging back in I had lost progress for the first chapter and was at the beginning of the course. Once I understood what had happened it only took me a minute to redo the first chapter questions, resubmit them, and continue.

Ideally when I submitted answers to the questions the course software could have noticed I had been logged out and allowed me to log back in without losing my place but it was only a small inconvenience.


@dlonergan Thank you for the information.

Is it possible that your Internet connection was interrupted? What is strange is that you needed to log back in to the course. That is unusual. In the Web browser we use the browser cache to hold this information and in your case it seems to have been lost? I know that there is some latency with the updating of your Check Your Understanding results that is stored in our internal DB. It is possible that the connection was lost before the results were sent to the DB? We will keep an eye on this and see if others report this type of problem.

Thanks for your patience!