Counts in the new @neo4j/graphql module

Hi everyone,

I recently adopted the new @neo4j/graphql module and I am loving it so far.
One crucial thing (same as the neo4j-graphql-js lib) is that support for counts is still missing.

if I have a simple query where I fetch the first 10 movies out of a database with the pagination options and some filtering, why is there not an easy way to get the total count as well?

Before moving to @neo4j/graphql I tried to implement counts like this: Offset pagination with total count - #7 by nguita.erik

But in this new version I dont have access to this cypherQuery helper to execute a query.

Did anyone here find an elegant solution to get a total count when querying using pagination and filtering?

I feel this is a basic thing to have and wonder why this is not a basic thing in this library. It's kind of a game changer/breaker.

I would really appreciate help from anyone who has the same requirement and found an elegant solution to deal with it.

Kind regards and thanks for reading!

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Hi Jim -

This is not currently supported when using the generated filters but it is on the roadmap. There was some discussion around this here in the context of relationship properties - which is currently a big development focus.

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