Corrupted sandbox?

I am a total newbie on NEO4J.
I have to produce a POC involving NEO4J in 10 days!! - so time is of the essence.
I am rapidly trying to get up to Speed on this and in my haste i might have got things twisted because i am getting some strange results.
Basically i created my own Project (OK) and started the DB (OK). I did :Play movie-graph and invoked the large CREATE clause (OK). I could run all the queries etc; examine the node Labels; relationship types; etc.
I wanted to then try a sandbox - LEGIS-GRAPH as the next step in learning NEO4J.
I launched the Browser and then started the EXPLORE: US Congress.
Called the DB:Schema - looked ok
Ran the query "Who represents NY" and it came back blank. And all the subsequent queries came back blank. Went back to the DB:Schema and noticed thatnot only did it have the nodes for Legis but also those for the movie graph. furthermore the only relationships were those related to Movie graph.
It appears that i have corrupted my sandbox (Relaunching does not solve the Problem).

I do not know how the Graphs got intertwined. So i thought to rerequest theLEGIS sandbox - but it is no longer offered to me (presumably because it thinks i am still using it). So how can i reset th/re-request the LEGIS sandbox??

1 other issue because of my time issues - is there (I am sure there will be) an example Java-Neo4J Project?? If so where is it located??

many thanks


Hi Rod,

Just to check, which was the first sandbox that you launched, was it the LEGIS graph one?

Just to make you aware you could have started the LEGIS graph one, and run the Movie DB getting started code in there as that appears in all launched browsers.

If you want to remove the Movie DB data from you graph, you could run the following command:

MATCH (m:Movie), (p:Person)

You can find a starter Java project from here