Correct Way To Use GraphQL Input Type

I'm trying to create a mutation that will clone a number of nodes that have a unique ID constraint on them using an array of GraphQL Input types, the type is as follows:

input CloneInput {
    nodeToClone: ID!
    nodeType: String!
    relationship: String!

The cypher query I'm running is:

cloneLeaseForTemplate(leaseID: ID!, newLeaseName: String, clones: [CloneInput]): Lease
"MATCH (l:Lease {id: $leaseID})
CALL apoc.refactor.cloneNodes([l], false, ['id'])
YIELD output set = randomUUID(), output.leaseName = $newLeaseName
WITH output as Lease UNWIND $clones as clone
MATCH (n:clone.nodeType {id: clone.nodeToClone}) 
CALL apoc.refactor.cloneNodes([n], false, ['id'])
YIELD output set = randomUUID()
MERGE (Lease)-[:clone.relationship]->(output) return Lease"

I'm getting an error:

"message": "Failed to invoke procedure `apoc.cypher.doIt`: Caused by: 
Invalid input '.': expected an identifier character, whitespace,
NodeLabel, a property map, ')' or a relationship pattern (line 1, column 363 (offset: 362))"

I'm sure it's because I'm calling the input variables incorrectly I'm just not quite sure where to fix them. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Cypher doesn't allow for dynamic labels nor dynamic relationship types.

MATCH (n:clone.nodeType {id: clone.nodeToClone}) needs to be changed to MATCH (n{id:clone.nodeToClone}) where clone.nodeType in labels(n) . Be aware that this will force a full node scan.