Convert TTL to POJOs


I know there's the ability to take a .ttl file format and insert it to a Neo4j using the neo-semantics library. In the graph, the .ttl file is being divided into its relevant objects.

My question is: how can I convert a .ttl file into POJO's without using Neo4j?
TTL file for example:

@prefix ns0:    <> .

    a                                 ns0:Host ;
    ns0:Exploitable                   "XXE", "PEC";
    ns0:Account                       ns0:Account_0abb0c18-9fb7-57f2-8bcd-2cb07ffbe865_161 ;
    ns0:HostSignificance              "3" ;
    ns0:ID                            "48d491d1-7998-59d6-b3ed-07a0868d7536_531" .

    a              ns0:Account ;
    ns0:GroupName  "Administrators" ;
    ns0:ID         "0abb0c18-9fb7-57f2-8bcd-2cb07ffbe865_161" ;
    ns0:Privileges "SeRemoteInteractiveLogonRight" ;
    ns0:UserId     "161" ;
    ns0:Username   "administrator" .

The accepted mapping will be 2 POJO's of Host and Account.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @boris.bakman ,
There are a few open-source java frameworks out there for working with RDF data.
I would strongly recommend RDF4J which is the one that neosemantics uses.
I don't know if RDF4J offers out of the box the kind of mapping that you describe but if that's not the case it should be reasonably straightforward for you to build it on top of it.