Consultants for Hire

Software team is split between Western Europe and Western US. Prefer something in Western Europe, but could make Eastern US work.



In coordination with the devops and software development teams, the consultant will complete the following deliverables:

  • Hala’s neo4j graph cluster deployed to production
  • Best practice documentation regarding deployment, cluster security, cluster backups, data restoration
  • Optimized schemas and queries; indexes
  • Recommendations for data optimization for data in migration pipeline
  • Data security measures within production graph


  • Determine best approach for production cluster, cluster security, and cluster backups
  • Develop plan for data restoration
  • Audit and optimize existing queries
  • Document common errors, pitfalls, etc. in existing queries
  • Audit existing schemas and data in non-production graph
  • Optimize existing schemas
  • Develop and implement data security measures within graph (privileges/restrictions, subgraphs)


The consultant will be managed by Hala’s Director of Engineering, who will have final approval on all work. Day-to-day work will be coordinated with members of the software engineering team.


The exact timeline for deliverables will be determined in collaboration with the consultant, but Hala hopes to implement the milestones list above within approximately one month of the project start date.

Technical Skills and Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience deploying neo4j graph clusters; an understanding of the pros and cons to using AWS EC2 Instances vs. Docker
  • Extensive knowledge of Cypher and schema modeling and optimization
  • Extensive experience working with neo4j graphs in a production environment
  • Complete understanding of security risks and how to mitigate those risks
  • Experience with neo4j 4.0

Contact Information:

Hi Nick
Please have a look at my linkedin profile and let me know your opinion if I am fit for the role you are trying to offer.
I am currently available as a consultant through Umbrella company.
-Sameer Gijare