Constrain New Relationships to Nodes in View

In Bloom when you do a relationship expansion, you are given a cue as to whether new nodes will be brought into the view with the number in parenthesis by the relationship. If there is no number then the relationship expansion only occurs among nodes already plotted. It would be really nice when expanding relationships, I could constrain to only those nodes already existing in the view. With for example a check box in the advanced expansion dialog.
In the mean time is there any way work around to get that functionality.

Hi Andy,
Thanks a lot for your feedback!

A workaround you can try is to CMD+A to select all your nodes, and then CMD+C and CMD+D the result into Neo4j Browsers cypher editor. In the sidebar settings you can make sure that you have Connect result nodes checkbox activated.

Sebastian Wictorin
Product Designer @ Neo4j Bloom

Hi Sabastian,

Thank you for the insight, I was wondering how I could use both browser and bloom together. Is there a way of taking browser generated results either nodes or paths and feeding those results into Bloom window? For example it is sometimes easier to develop a cypher query in the desktop browser and it then result feed those results into the bloom window.

For example if instead of RETURN statement there was Send2Bloom.
It would be cool - right?

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