Connecting to Wordpress / Adam Cowley's Neo4j-Wordpress-Plugin


I'm looking for a way to connect and pull in data from a wordpress site to the neo4j-database.
I found this plugin:

I unzipped it into the plugin-folder, but when trying to activate it I get an error:

So what is my mistake here? Are there other or more solutions to connect a wp-page to the neo4j-db or any alternatives? Couldn't find anything useful yet...
Thanks in advance!

Hey @bunny_tsukino86 , this plugin is a few years old so I'm not sure whether it'll work against the latest version of wordpress. Do you have any information on what the error is? Any logs or anything? What version of Neo4j are you trying to connect to?

Hi Adam,

thanks for getting back to me! Currently I'm running 5.6 for Wordpress. The Neo4J-version is 4.2.1 Enterprise. I don't really have any log or information or I don't know how to get any. Maybe I'm installing the plugin wrong. I unzip the plugin inside the wordpress plugin-folder and inside the wordpress dashboard when I click on "Activate" I'm getting this error.
Do you plan to update this or are there any other ways to set or to get data from the neo4j database?

It's important that I can get the data. I want the visitor on my wordpress page to be able to search for data and get output from the neo4j database.

So far as setting data (creating nodes and such) concerns:
I'm looking for an easy way for non-developers to create nodes and relationships. Colleauges of mine are filling an excel table and need a non-cypherish way to create the nodes inside neo4j. Is there a way to do so?

The driver used in that plugin is one that was written by a community member and is no longer being developed, so won't support version 4.2.1. PHP is difficult because it's not an "officially" supported language by Neo4j but there are community members working on drivers that work with Neo4j 4.x. You can try one of the drivers listed here or switch to another language that we support officially. Or alternatively, if your colleagues are comfortable with Excel, you could import the data from XLS or CSV into Neo4j directly using APOC.