Connecting to neo4j via port 7474 works from remote but not locally


I had the neo4j database running at an Ubuntu 16 version and was able to access it via the http protocol and port 7474 both from a remote and from the local server with the same program. After upgrading Ubuntu to version 18 it does only work from a remote computer. When trying locally I get a timeout message back. I have run out of ideas and would appreciate any new ideas of where to continue the investigation.



Have you double checked the IP addresses, and routing setup, likely there are some clues in there.
it sounds like something changed in the config...

what are you using for the local address?

  • the public IP assigned to the ethernet interface?
  • localhost?

Just a curious note on interfaces: I'm on ubuntu 20.04 and I've noticed my secondary interface is deactivated when there isn't an active device on the other end of the ethernet cable (it is a 10Gb dedicated back haul between computers, and sometimes the other one is shutdown...)