Connecting to Movie DBMS

I am trying to open the Browser on the Movie DBMS and I need to connect to it first. I have tried 'No authentication' but it did not work and I did not see any username, password combination in the guide so I cannot connect to the DBMS and I keep getting "The client is unauthorized..." error.

Welcome to the Community @bobby-shaj !

The user name for all standard Neo4j databases is neo4j.

If you are using Neo4j Desktop, the password will be whatever password you specified when you created the DBMS. If you do not remember the password for a DBMS, you can always click on the DBMS name and the Details tab for the DBMS has a link for resetting the password.

If you are using a Neo4j Sandbox, if you hover over the down arrow on the right, you can open the Sandbox details that include the Connection details. There you will find the password.

If you are using Neo4j Aura Free, the password is automatically generated for you and you are instructed to save it. If you forgot the password, then you just go to settings and delete the database and recreate it. Then make sure you save the password.

Hope this helps.


Hi Elaine!
Thanks for the response.

I am using the Desktop Neo4j Browser. I did not create the Movie DBMS. It comes with the installation and is to be used for the tutorial.
I had trouble connecting to it because I do not know the password. After some time, I read somewhere that I can change the '' to false and that allowed me to finally connect to the Movie DBMS with the no authentication setting.
So now I am able to use the Neo4j browser to do the tutorial but when I tried to use Bloom it said that I cannot connect to it with the no authentication setting, i.e. I need to provide the password.

So in Desktop if you click on the DBMS a new details pane opens on the right.

If you scroll down in the details tab there is a link to reset the password of the database.

Then you can use the new password that you reset.

Good luck with your Neo4j Learning Journey!