Connecting Neo4j Desktop to a Remote Server

I have a freshly installed instance of Neo4j Community Edition running on server provided by an internet hosting company.

I have Neo4j Desktop running on my personal computer.

I have tried to connect Neo4j Desktop to the Neo4j instance that is running on my server, but I can't get it to work.

I get the message: "Unable to establish remote connection: Database is unreachable with specified configuration."

I also get the message: "Unable to establish remote connection: ServiceUnavailable"

In Neo4j Desktop, I clicked on "Add database" and I provided the correct URL (bolt://my-server-IP-address:7687). I then provided the correct username and password.

On my server, I have made sure that Neo4j is running with "neo4j status". I have opened port 7687 on my firewall, and to be sure I even turned off my firewall for testing purposes.

Is there some further configuration that I need to do on my server to get Neo4j there to connect with Neo4j Desktop?

Thank you.

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On the server side you could try edit the neo4j.conf file and look into the settings "default_listen_address".

Yours Kindly Omer

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That did the trick. Thank you!