Connect to Neo4j driver Aura issue

I have an issue in connecting to Neo4j driver using "laudis/neo4j-php-client": "^2.4.2"
I'm using Neo4j Aura DB and the previous version "laudis/neo4j-php-client": "^2.3.3" was working good and after upgrading to the latest version I got this error in attached screenshot
And my connection code is

public static function RunStatement($statement)
    $auth = Authenticate::basic(env('DB_USERNAME_NEO4J'), env('DB_PASSWORD_NEO4J'));
    $client = ClientBuilder::create()
        ->withDriver('neo4j', 'neo4j+s://', $auth)
    return $client->runStatement($statement);

Did you uninstalled previous version completely?

No I only upgraded the package and this the usual behavior for upgrading any package in Laravel framework

Please have a look at debug.log file.Attach it with the post.
Many thanks
G Sameer

I found the problem is from this package stefanak-michal/bolt v3.1 and when I downgraded the package to v2.7.2 the problem occurred