Connect to Aura via a Terminal Emulator on which no Cypher CLI is installed?

Once connected, I would like to use the preinstalled cypher-shell and Cypher CLI on my Aura database instance, via remote login from my ssh terminal emulator. I only see instructions for logging into Aura remotely via CLI client installed on the the machine that hosts the terminal emulator, but that is impossible from a mobile device.

I also have a Neo4j database browser and Cypher client on my iPad called "GraphGopher," which asks me to fill in the following fields to connect to my instance:


and I haven't been able to find the correct credentials to login to that, yet...

Aura does not provide remote SSH access. Aura as a service is a graph database, and not a linux host which would provide CLI access - so unfortunately there's no way that you can do this.

You can install Neo4j tools on any other host (including an iPad) and then use cypher-shell from there to access Aura. The credentials you need to do that are the same credentials you get when you first create the database.