Configure HTTPS and encrypted bold in neo4j 4.0.2

I am trying to run neo4j 4.0.2 in AWS.

I was able to install it on Ubuntu server 18. And it worked fine on "encrypted = FALSE" scenario.

Then I tried to make it encrypted and followed the instructions from:

Despite hours trying to make https and bolt work, I still have errors when trying to run the following python code:

from neo4j import GraphDatabase
driver = GraphDatabase.driver("bolt://:7687", auth=("neo4j", "neo4j"), encrypted= True)


#Network connector configuration

#With default configuration Neo4j only accepts local connections.
#To accept non-local connections, uncomment this line:

#You can also choose a specific network interface, and configure a non-default
#port for each connector, by setting their individual listen_address.

#The address at which this server can be reached by its clients. This may be the server's IP address or DNS name, or
#it may be the address of a reverse proxy which sits in front of the server. This setting may be overridden for
#individual connectors below.

#You can also choose a specific advertised hostname or IP address, and
#configure an advertised port for each connector, by setting their
#individual advertised_address.

#By default, encryption is turned off.
#To turn on encryption, an ssl policy for the connector needs to be configured
#Read more in SSL policy section in this file for how to define a SSL policy.

#Bolt connector


#HTTP Connector. There can be zero or one HTTP connectors.

#HTTPS Connector. There can be zero or one HTTPS connectors.

#Number of Neo4j worker threads.

Any Idea ?? Tks in advance

Hey, if you still have issues with that, then take a look on following post (Looking for appropriate plugin for Netty dependency for SSL provider)