Community lisencing question

We are a startup company considering using the neo4j community as our product database.
Our product is deployed per customer, so each customer has its own production environment.
The customer's servers may be rented by him or by us.
We are doing 100% of the development.

Is this use-case good for using the community version (commercially)?
if it's not a good use-case for community edition, do I need to buy a license per deployment, or is it on license for all?


Please have a look at our Startup program, and consider getting in touch with someone at Neo4j directly.

Hi, thank you.
I know about the startup program. I still want to use the community.
is this possible for my use-case?

Neo4j Community Edition is GPLv3 licensed, see Neo4j Licensing | Open Source Graph Databases & License Overview.
GPLv3 basically means you have to open your source code as well in a sense of "if you're open, we're open as well". If you don't want to make your source code publically available you need to have a commercial license. I'm not a lawyer, this is just my TL;DR of some discussions around this topics.

Also be aware you won't have any commercial grade supports with SLAs for community edition.