Coming back to Neo4j after some time and wondering what to install for some personal playing around

In the past (think v2.0 time) I installed the community edition and that was that.

Coming back now after a few years, the install link in the Get started section takes me to a page that apparently would love to have me install Neo4j-Desktop (which also seem to include something called Neo4j Entreprise for Developers).

This seems somewhat hefty, as I am only aiming to do some smaller personal projects (aka playing around with the thing).

I'm wondering if I cannot just simply install Neo4j Community Edition 3.5.2 (which I assume is still free, no strings/costs attached) and take it forward from there.

What would I be missing out on?

Would I later be able to install Neo4j-Desktop on top of this (and would this still be free, no strings/costs attached)?

Looking forward to your advice and suggestions :sunglasses:

Desktop is also no strings attached, it includes free Neo4j Enterprise Developer licences and is just a much better experience than the old crappy installer.

It also allows you to create multiple graphs for different projects, install apoc, graph-algos and graphql with a button click and also install (and develop) graph apps, e.g. for monitoring, modeling etc.

You cannot install desktop on top of a server install (community or enterprise) but you can copy your graph data over.

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I like crappy, it makes me feel alive :smile:

But you've convinced me to give Neo4j-Desktop a try, thanks for that and the swift reply!

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I could see now that there is option of neo4j Desktop apart from the Community edition. Just wanted to confirm if the Developer license also apply for the employees of an organization or is it for developers working in individual capacity.

Can someone use neo4j Desktop in his work place ?

Yes, employees at a workplace can freely use Neo4j Desktop at their work place, no issues there.

We basically want to make clear that Neo4j Desktop isn't made for DEV/QA/PROD deployments and such.