Combining Graph and Mapping Functionality?

Hi everyone,

Writing in as the least coding-privy member of my team. We are trying to construct a graph using a database of notable artists, tracking their movement and trends in a geographical sense. We noticed in the Cypher cheatsheet there is some functionality with importing latitude, longitude coordinates. We know of the NeoMap program, but this seems to only have functionality with static points on a map and heatmaps.

What we are trying to do is fix each node to a certain geographical point using lat/long data that we can overlay onto a map while still preserving the functionality with edges. So, for example, we hope to be able to geographically fix an "artist" node in their birthplace of Baghdad, Iraq and have an edge that connects it to an "institution" node for an art academy in Paris, France.
Any information or workshops/guides on importing map functionality into our graph database would be very helpful. Please let me know if there is anything I need to expand on to be more clear.

There is a recent pull request to neomap which adds relationship support.

and it can also render paths: