Coding window larger?

Good Morning Neos,

Is there any chance to make the coding window in Neo4J-Desktop larger (let's say full screen)? I have to build a rather complicated query and the scrolling is a bit annoying....

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You can click on 'esc' key and that will increase the window size. Pressing on 'esc' key takes you back to the original size.

I've known this option already, but this is not exactly what I need. I want the coding-part (not the results-part) enlarged.


Hi @janezic ,

A larger editor area makes sense. The editor component on the top can be resized, but I guess you mean resizing the editor within a result frame, right?

As in...

Is that right?


Yes, exactly. This is what would be very helpful...

Hey @janezic,

If you haven't seen it already, check out our latest releases of Browser that make much better use of the space available to write queries. Your queries now have more horizontal space and the editor continues to grow to a reasonable size vertically to comfortably write all but the largest of queries.

If you need more space to edit your queries you can CMD-Click (Mac) or CTRL-Click (Linux/Win) on the query to send it to the main editor, from where can go fullscreen to use all the vertical height to write your queries.

Hope that helps.

GregCleanShot 2021-08-11 at 09.58.21

THX, this looks pretty good.

HAs there been a regression on this? I'm using browser version 4.3.4 (Safari, Firefox) and the code window doesn't grow beyond 12 lines.

Unfortunately it seems to be limited to 12 lines :frowning: