Cluster Alerts

I had an issue with one of the servers in my cluster this morning and realized that it would be nice to have a way of being notified via email/sms/etc. whenever a node drops from the cluster for more than a set amount of time.

I've looked around and I can't find anything that can do that out of the box. I was about to start coding something up that would monitor the cluster logs but figured I'd ask if anyone knew of something that already existed.

I'm not really looking for anything much more than just reading the transaction logs in real time, looking for "Lost core member..." entries and if a matching "Discovered core member..." entry doesn't appear within a certain amount of time, send out an email or SMS.

If nothing like this exists...I'll throw something together and toss it out for the community to use if needed.

Alerting is a task of a monitoring system. Neo4j can provide metrics for e.g. graphite and/or prometheus. These then can take care of alerting.