Clearing only unpinned result frames in Neo4j Browser?


Is there a way to clear only the unpinned result frames in the Neo4j browser? If not, could this be added as a feature? Thanks!


Afaik, there isn't this feature, because the :clear command doesn't accept other parameters.
Anyway, I suggest you, because it's a change request, to create as issue in the GitHub Neo4j Browser page, otherwise this one will be lost in the web :)

Great idea @belal.sweileh , and good suggestion @giuseppe.villani . One click past the Neo4j Browser github repo, you'll find a link to the feature request site .

When posting the feature request, could you describe the behavior that you'd prefer? Also, it'd be helpful to know what your workflow is like, to understand the context.

A few options:

  1. modify the default behavior to clear all except for pinned frames
  2. accept a parameter to :clear like perhaps :clear unpinned, :clear all, or :clear pinned depending on the default behavior (as @giuseppe.villani suggests)