Clarence Dillon - Computational Social Scientist

Hello! My name is Clarence, though on social media I am usually cwdillon. ...except on GitHub where I'm usuallycwdillon.

I've been following Neo4j for quite a while but have only started using it in a project less than a year ago. I'm using Neo4j in a research project that is the basis of my doctoral dissertation about world order. Specifically, I'm joining many data sets published by the Peace Science community so that I can validate my agent-based model of world order developing over time.

For me, this means that I've done a lot of data import from .csv into Neo4j and I'm now learning to use the Object Graph Mapping tool and stored procedures. My simulation model will log simulated events into the graph so that I can compare event patterns with historical patterns across many dimensions.


Hi Clarence,

welcome! And good luck with the dissertation, sounds really cool. Looking forward to any publications about it. Do you use datasources like gdelt? Would be interesting to hear which ones you're integrating.