Christophe Willemsen


My name is Christophe Willemsen, I joined the Neo4j Community back in 2012.

I'm working at GraphAware since 2014 as a consultant helping companies be successful with graphs and related technologies.

I also lead the development of the GraphAware Knowledge Platform, an Insight Engine backed by Neo4j, involving data integration, NLP, Machine Learning, Graph Algorithms and Search.

I am originally from Belgium but live now in Italy with my wife and our 4 daughters.

I help as much as I can on StackOverflow or forums when people have questions around Neo4j. I also maintain with my colleagues tons of neo4j plugins available on Github, so feel free to ask me questions if you need help with those.


Hi Christophe!
We're so happy you're here!!! :D

Congrats, Christophe!

We're picking 5 people at random who introduced themselves in the new community site for the next 5 weeks, and your name was selected!

I will DM you with $50 code you can use in the Neo4j Graph Gear Store!